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Quincy business owners react following a string of burglaries

QUINCY (WGEM) — Quincy Police are searching for the people responsible for a string of burglaries over Monday and Tuesday night.

The State Farm next to County Market

Police said four businesses were targeted, giving the addresses of Klingele Veterinary Clinic, Beltone Hearing Aid Service, Charles Scholz State Farm, and Schafer Chiropractic, with three of the burglaries happening Tuesday Night.

Schafer says there was a break-in attempt at her business overnight

“I got to work this morning about 8 O’Clock, I noticed that the lock was broken, it looked like someone had obviously tampered with it, I pulled on the door hoping that it wasn’t unlocked which it wasn’t so they didn’t get in they failed,” said Owner of Schafer Chiropractic Breane Schafer.

Schafer says with the new lock installed, things are basically back to normal.

She said she was lucky this morning,  adding that according to police it seems like a drill was used on the lock. With a new lock on the door, it’s almost like nothing has happened, but she said she’s confused why she was targeted in the first place.

Beltone Hearing Aid Center near Hy-Vee off Broadway

“It’s very silly because we don’t keep a lot of cash around here but we also don’t have any drugs,” said Schafer.

Police said it’s more than just Schafer Chiropractic off Broadway that’s been target recently, and they said the incidents might be connected.

“Four businesses burglarized on the east in of town, we actually had one the night before […] were all on the east side of Broadway anywhere between 36th around 48th street,” said QPD Deputy Chief Doug Vandermaiden.

The staff at Klingele said the thieves took money. Vandermaiden said they’re now trying to find out who did it.

“At this point, we don’t know who committed these burglaries our assumption is that they are related but we will find that out in the near future,” said Vandermaiden.

Brian Terstegge, who owns Air Specialists just across the street from one of the businesses broken into, said it’s shocking it all happened off Broadway.

“We’re going to take extra precautions here heading forward, making sure everything is locked up securely, making sure all our trucks are locked up and things like that,” said Terstegge.

Police said since the burglaries just happened, they’ll be examining the evidence in the following days. They want businesses to be aware of what happened and take precautions if necessary.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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