Local nursery provides preseason yard and garden tips

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QUINCY (WGEM) — It looks like we may finally be out of winter’s grasp. The nicer weather outside may spark you to do some yard-work, but local nurseries say you should be careful.

An evergreen tree at Frese Ornamental Nursery didn’t escape the wrath of winter as the branch has fallen over. If yours looks the same or worse nursery professionals here say don’t be quick to cut the branch off.

Katie Ippenson, Nursery Professional at Frese Ornamental said if branches on your evergreens are broken you can remove them, but if they are just folded over leave it because they may be able to grow back normally.

“Nothing you could have done to prevent it,” said Ippenson. “It’s just when the snow came and in the texture that it was, the heaviness of it. Again, it doesn’t usually do a lot of damage. It looks bad for a while, but plants are pretty tough.”

She says if you still want to get out into the yard, you can do things like trim back summer flowering shrubs, and plant trees and shrubs. But you don’t want to trim spring flowering bushes or boxwoods.

“So, you kind of gotta be a little careful,” Ippenson said. “If you don’t know what you’re trimming. You know, don’t trim it. We can come back and do it later. You know, just to make sure it’s not a spring blooming plant.”

Ippensen said due to the extreme cold temperatures she is interested to see how many plants didn’t survive and adds only time will tell.

WGEM Staff

WGEM Staff

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