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Council divided on revisions to Adams County Jail

A lot of questions and back and forth could be heard at Monday night’s Quincy City Council meeting regarding the new Adams County Jail. The new jail will house the Quincy Police Department on the second floor.

At Monday’s meeting, aldermen became aware of a number of things wrong with construction of the new police department.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley asked the city council for roughly $54,000 for a number of revisions to the new police department. The county will pay for the other half of revisions. Some of this revisions include wiring in the floor, venting in the crime tech room and additional internet connections. One of the big things Copley noticed which was not included in the construction was venting out of the evidence room, which he says was discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

“If you’ve visited city hall in the last year, there are days when you probably notice a strong smell of cannabis in the building,” said Copley. “When we take a large load of cannabis in as evidence, there’s no venting so the smell just takes over the building. We obviously don’t want that to happen over at the new building.”

The city gave the county roughly $4 million in order to have the police department move into the county jail. Several aldermen were not happy with the request for more money due to the fact that many just found out about it a couple days ago and most of the construction is already done.

In fact, the council was split on this decision. Seven aldermen voted yes and seven aldermen voted no for the revision costs. Mayor Kyle Moore made the final decision to approve the money for the revisions.

Copley believes this was a breakdown in communication between the county, the contractor and the city.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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