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QPS teacher wins Golden Apple Award

Quincy’s Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School teacher Cheryl Burghart was awarded the March WGEM Golden Apple Award.

Burghart is in her 24th year teaching. She’s spent all 25 years kids in Quincy’s public and parochial school systems.

“I love to come to school everyday and they always present something different and new,” Burghart said.

“She cares about the kids who are in her care,” kindergarten teacher Marci Keller said. “She loves them and worries about them and wants to do what’s right for each and every one of them.”

Colleagues say Burghart creates a caring environment that challenges her students.

“She painstakingly plans and problem solves ways to really help them learn and grow,” Keller said.

“She’s fun, kind. She helps us and she teaches us new things,” second grader Danilee Breckenkamp said.

“She’s nice, generous, exciting,” second grade student Rossi Saxbery added.

Burghart’s teaching doesn’t stop at the classroom door, she’s also passing her knowledge down to the next generation of teachers, like special education teacher Michelle Stegeman.

“She’s gone above and beyond to push me in the room and help excel. She was a big support system for me those first two years,” Stegeman said.

“I really feel like it’s my calling, that I need to help other people to want to go into teaching to try and find their niche,” Burghart explained.

Learning and leading in the classroom and beyond.

“She is a positive light for us. She’s always pushing to help us,” Stegeman said.


Natalie Will

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