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Illinois residents feeling the pinch on property tax bills

For the first time, every metropolitan area in the state of Illinois is reporting a loss in population. Although it may be too soon to tell, with the 2020 census right around the corner, officials estimate Adams County could see a loss of almost 400 people.

It’s country living now for Matt Courtney, who moved to Maywood, Missouri from Quincy almost a year ago.

“I thought I settled in Illinois and was going to make that home,” said Courtney.

However, Courtney started to shift his way of thinking, especially after comparing property taxes in Illinois with that in Missouri.

“Over here we’ve got 2,000 square foot plus, two car garage, large shop and 46 acres,” said Courtney. “We’re still paying less over here than we paid for the little we had in Quincy.”

Courtney certainly isn’t the only one fed up with property taxes.

“Missouri taxes are a lot less than Illinois taxes,” said Lisa Ball with Prestige Realty in Hannibal.

The property tax in Illinois is 2.32 percent. In Iowa, the property tax is 1.49 percent. In Missouri, the property tax is 1 percent.

Ball says they actually market that to their clients as a way to get more to cross the river.

“We feel like it’s a good opportunity for families to save money and get a nice home in Missouri,” said Ball.

With more people leaving the city and state, the harder it is on the workforce in Illinois.

“I think it is a struggle,” said Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore. “When we talk with local employers, they can’t find enough people to fill their jobs.”

So Moore is now trying to come up with ways to get people and businesses to stay in the Gem City.

“In the last year the City of Quincy and Adams County adopted a strategic plan so we can look at our toolbox,” said Moore. “What do we have to offer our residents? What are things that they are seeing that they like in other cities that we can bring here to our region?”

See the full report on shrinking Illinois cities here.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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