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Macomb schools to upgrade security systems

The Macomb School District is making a number of upgrades to its schools. Officials said the goal of these upgrades is to make students more safe.

Exterior and interior cameras line the doors and hallways at the Macomb Jr.-Sr. High School. But principal Chuck Milem said those cameras aren’t getting the job done.

“The security system we have right now is really out dated,” Milem said. “The clarity of the picture is not great and we don’t have cameras in places that we’d like to have cameras, to be honest.”

That’s why this blurry and delayed surveillance video footage will soon be digital and more clear.

Milem said the upgrades will also include adding more cameras around the concession stand and parking lot area.

“We have some out there right now, but it’s very minimal and we can’t really see a great deal,” Milem said. “So if something ever would happen, we would have access now and be able to see those things.”

It’s a project that Macomb School District Superintendent Patrick Twomey said will allow them to bring in even more resources to ensure students’ safety.

“We’ll be able to share a code, with even local law enforcement, and even from their smartphone, they’ll be able to access our cameras instantly in real time,” Twomey said. “So they can see what’s going on before they ever come in.”

The upgrades don’t end there, as Twomey said Edison Elementary will also get a new security system as part of its expansion project.

“So while we, in the new addition, put in new digital cameras, we’ll also upgrade the rest of the building with new digital cameras,” Twomey said.

It’s comfort that Milem said he looks forward to having.

“Just having that awareness,” Milem said. “To just know we have eyes on everything and everything’s taken care of.”

Systems in both schools will go in this summer and be ready for use when kids start school in the fall. The school is paying to upgrade the current systems through health, life and safety funds.

The additional cameras at Edison Elementary will be part of the $4 million dollar expansion project, which is being paid through by bonds.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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