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Palmyra High School improvements underway

Work is already underway less than a month after voters approved a bond for school improvements in Palmyra, Missouri.

Work has begun on Palmyra High School’s new track, something those on the track team are excited about.

“It’ll be nice to practice on an actual track because before we ran on basically gravel so practicing was difficult sometimes,” said Junior Reagan Lehenbauer.

The new track is being funded through the school districts $3.5 million bond issue which passed in early April.

Athletes and coaches said the new track will allow them to be more competitive at meets.

“Being able to practice it on an actual track and actually get times before meets even start because before we just kinda wung it and you don’t know what time you’re gonna get until you actually go to a meet,” said Lehenbauer.

“To be able to actually time and get good results, get good practices, actually test people will be a big advantage for us,” said Palmyra Track & Field Head Coach Nicholas Koetters.

And coach Koetters said the track will benefit more than just his team.

“We have community that goes out and runs and exercises on the track we have now and it’s not in great shape so it will be good for the community,” said Koetters.

The bond issue will cover the costs of renovations to Palmyra High School’s AG building, as well. That project is set to begin shortly after school lets out for summer.

“It’s going to modernize our facility. You know anytime we can give them state of the art materials and a classroom settings and things like that, that’s what we want to do,” said Palmyra High School Principal Jared Pontious.

Work on both projects is expected to wrap up at the beginning of next school year. The track coach hopes they will be able to host their own meet either next year or the year after.


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Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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