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QPS superintendent reacts to possibility of teacher minimum salary increase

Govenor J.B. Pritzker could soon have bills on his desk that would raise the minimum salary for teachers in Illinois to $40,000 a year by 2023.

Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb said while the board of education and himself support raising teacher wages, they’ll need to assess how it’ll impact their budget before they can say if it would require them to make any cuts or changes if these bills pass, and hopes the state works to support them through the changes.

“The state has been supporting us the last couple years with the evidence based funding formula, our expectation is that continues especially since they’ve increased minimum wage and now they’re looking at increasing teacher salary, they’re putting mandates on us, I think it’s their responsibility to fund those mandates then,” said Webb, adding that the situation is complicated by other factors like minimum wage increases and planned raises.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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