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Police speak out about struggles to catch people driving high

After a weekend crackdown, local police are speaking out about the challenges of catching people driving high on marijuana.

Palmyra’s Police Chief said it can be a struggle to catch people high whether it’s on marijuana or other drugs because when they approach the window of a car, there’s not always a smell.

But Chief Eddie Bogue said they have specially trained officers, called drug recognition experts, who are trained to detect signs that someone is impaired.

He said it’s not as easy as determining that someone has been drinking and driving but the training does help.

“When you stop someone, there are tell tale signs, although you don’t have the smell, there are still going to be some signs and some clues that officers can pick up on that will show impairment,” said Bogue.

As for a device like a breathalyzer to field test whether or not someone is high on marijuana or other drugs, Bogue doesn’t expect one for another few years.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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