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Study: E-cigs could contain bacteria, fungi

Concerns are growing over e-cigarettes, which may be contaminated with toxic fungus.

A recent study looked at 75 popular e-cigarette products; both cartridges and e-liquids and found that 23% of them contained traces of bacteria.

Meanwhile, 81% of them contained traces of fungi.

Experts say exposure to these toxins can potentially lead to asthma, reduced lung function, and inflammation.

“Initially, we mainly considered nicotine was the main thing affecting people’s health but knowing that there is these contaminates and things that come about during the process, it just further goes to strengthen the notion that e-cigarettes aren’t a good choice for anybody really,” said Dr. Ayaaz Habibullah, SIU Center for Family Medicine.

Where the contamination occurred was not determined in the study.  Researchers say it could happen from the production of the ingredients to the finished product. However, they say more bacteria was found in fruit flavored products.



Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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