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Disc Debut: Hannibal’s CJ Krigbaum Prepares for Disc Golf Pro Tour Debut (Plus Sunday’s Area Scores)

Until about a 10 months ago , Hannibal native CJ Krigbaum held most people’s general knowledge of disc golf.

Krigbaum said, “I never really had heard of it until I started playing it. I saw the baskets in the park all the time and was like ‘Oh what are those.’ ”

After being convinced by his friend to kill a day in the park playing, Krigbaum is busy as ever preparing for his pro debut next month at the Ledgestone Insurance Open in Peoria.

Kirgbaum stated, “Some days I come out by myself and I just try and throw some good shots, maybe work in some new discs I just bought or work on some new things that I’ve seen.

I putt every day. I have a basket at my friends house. One at my house.”

Krigbaum played any number of sports growing up from football to baseball and soccer.

So when he got hooked on disc golf, the competitive nature kicked right back in.

Krigbaum added that, “It started off, oh I want to get better than my friends who taught me how to play.

And then it grew up to be ‘Oh I want to get better than the other guys I see walking around the park playing.’

And then I started watching, there’s lots of coverage on YouTube by Joe Maddon central coast, smash box, lots of people.”

With his pro debut coming up next month, CJ’s hoping if he can make a name for himself on the big stage in Peoria that then he could start to make a name for the sport here closer to home.

Krigbaum said that, “I want to be able to at one point give the feeling that the pros gave to me when I first started going to these tournaments.

Saying ‘Oh hey look there’s Big Jerm. Oh there’s Paul McBeth.’

You know that feeling that you get. The excitement.

You’re feeling like a kid in a candy store and I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

I’d love to be able to give somebody that feeling one day.”

For Krigbaum the chance to prove himself on the pro tour and takes steps towards giving people that feeling, is just over a month away. Until then, you know where to find him.”


Sunday’s Area Scores:

College Baseball:

Western Illinois: 1
Oral Roberts: 11

Quincy: 1

– 11 innings

College Softball:

Western Illinois: 8
Omaha: 6

Major League Baseball: 

Cardinals: 5
Cubs: 13 

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