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Flooding continues to affect residents along the Mississippi River

With the crest passing along the Mississippi river here in the Tri-States but water levels remain high.

On the Quincy the riverfront, the water has actually gone down in some places like in Clat Adams park. Also, parts of the road are visible again in front of the Quincy Boat Club.

Meanwhile up river, residents in La Grange, Missouri are still fighting the Mississippi. Water is still covering Main Street. Residents backyards are still underwater and some garages have water in them.

Further up river in Canton, Missouri, the Mississippi Park Campground is completely under water and shut down. Residents in the area said this camp is usually full during this time of year. Residents said they are hoping the park will be open for Memorial Day weekend

However, with rain in the forecast, all eyes remain on the Mississippi as it could go back up.




Photojournalist for WGEM

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