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Transgender name change, threat assessments; discussed within QPS

New policies are being discussed for the Quincy Public School District.

At Tuesday’s QPS Policy Committee Meeting, members discussed adopting a policy for a transgender student’s request for a name change in the school’s yearbook.

As of now, the district has no policy for this but members say they will look into the issue further.

A separate policy that will move forward to the full school board pertains to a threat assessment that must be performed once a year per state standards.

“Each year the school district already does threat assessments,” said QPS Superintendent Roy Webb. “We do risk assessments. We look at everything that occurs that could cause any harm, any danger or any safety issues and we try and mitigate the risk.”

The policy committee also discussed background checks for volunteers, which committee members say the district already does.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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