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Could be days before real progress is made in flood cleanup

Some residents and business owners along the Illinois River say it could take days before real progress is made in flood cleanup efforts.

The Illinois River remains in major to moderate flood stage. The river continues to fall, but is doing so very slowly.

In Florence, Illinois on Florence Road the river level has gone down a good amount, but some homes and roads remained under water Wednesday.

Drivers can now drive past Florence Hall without going through water

In nearby Naples, Illinois the owner of the Evandy’s Boatel said unless the river starts falling faster, he doesn’t expect the restaurant to be open this weekend.

He said as soon as the water recedes from the parking lot, employees will begin to open the restaurant in stages. The river level at Valley City must be about 22 feet or below for the water to be off the parking lot, and 18 feet or below to be off the patio.

Natalie Will

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