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Child care shortage addressed in Adams County

Something that may come as a relief to some of you parents and parents-to-be out there, more options for child care within Adams County is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Child care providers and members of the community came together Wednesday night for the last of three meetings where they discussed possible solutions to a childcare shortage.

Participants found several goals to work on, like improving options to fill each family’s needs and priorities including weekend, and night options for child care.

Participants also found that the area lacked affordable high quality care for low-income families.

“If you can’t find adequate, quality child care it makes it challenging to keep a job. You know, the affordability of the child care is such an issue for working families,” said Gisele Hamm with the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University.

Participants will now work on projects to help spread awareness about the childcare shortage.

Possible projects:

  • Show link between access to child care and lower employee turnover.
  • Promote how happy, healthy employees equals retention and productivity.
  • Disseminate information on brain development in first three years of life and importance of trained/educated child care providers
  • Identify appropriate spaces in the community that could be developed into lab space, child care centers, etc.
  • Survey employees in Adams County on their wants/needs for child care
  • Encourage low income families to apply for funding to start in home child care
  • Educate low income couples on child care before they have children in need of care.
  • Develop a mentoring program for child care providers with low income clients.

Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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