Lee County man arrested for robbery and burglary, two others for aiding and abetting

KEOKUK, IA (WGEM) — The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has reported the arrest of a man for Robbery and Burglary and two others for aiding and abetting.

Sheriff Stacy Weber stated that Skyler Dwayne Stark, 31, was arrested on Tuesday on outstanding warrants issued by the Keokuk Police Department for Robbery and Burglary in the 1st Degree.

Weber stated that Jarrod Hagmeier and Jesse McGee, Jr. were also arrested and were suspected of aiding and abetting Stark while he avoided law enforcement attempts to apprehend him.

Weber stated that several other individuals are being investigated for similar charges as Hagmeier and McGee.

Weber stated that this is an ongoing investigation and more charges are expected to be filed.

Skyler Stark

Jarrod Hagmeier

Jesse McGee, Jr
Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts

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