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Cleaning experts warn about mold after flooding

Experts are warning that mold could be another problem for people cleaning up after flooding.

Officials with Servpro said when moisture, humidity, and a food source like wood, drywall, or cardboard are present in a home, mold can develop in as little as one to three days.

They said it’s important to remove that moisture as quickly as possibly, and if you begin to smell a musty smell or suspect mold is growing, to take action by removing the food source and moisture in any way possible.

“Anything cellulose based, whether it’s wood, dry wall, paper, cardboard, anything like that that mold can grow on and feed on, you want to get that wet and damaged stuff out and get dry stuff back in,” said Servpro Quincy Marketing Manager T. Heberlein.

If you had a lot of water in your home, officials recommend calling a professional to check over the whole house.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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