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Quinsippi Island begins to dry out after river flooding

Damage assessments continue to come in as the Mississippi River drops even lower.

Quinsippi Island was under several feet of water at one point and as the river goes down there’s clean-up to be done.

“We can’t get to the boats,” said boat owner Gene Vahle.

Vahle is hitching a ride with his buddy over to his boat on dock B at the Art Keller Marina.

“So I don’t have to walk through three, four foot of water and we will work on the boat and see if it actually works this Spring,” said Vahle.

With the water being high, Vahle says it’s an inconvenience but he’s used to the Mighty Mississippi not always doing what she’s supposed to.

“It’s just the way it works out here,” said Vahle. “It’s river life out here and it sucks a lot.”

But at least Vahle can get to his boat. It’s the first time since the river went up earlier this month.

“Water was up over the road here,” said Matt Higley with the Quincy Park District.

Higley says they’re hoping for the water to go down several more feet to allow them to start cleaning off the ramps and the docks, especially before the holiday weekend.

“Memorial Day officially kicks off the marina, the boating season,” said Higley.

Just up the road at the log cabins, several of the cabins are drying out after having several inches of water in them.

“What we are discovering is that over time it’s always a good idea to raise them up so they don’t get wet,” said Friends of the Log Cabins President John Gebhardt.

Gebhardt says the Clat Adams Cabin and the soon to be Fraser cabin are both on higher ground and neither of which were affected.

“Eventually we want to get them up above the 100 year flood level,” said Gebhardt.

At the boat docks, employees say they can’t get even get to the hose line to clean the ramps off because that’s underwater as well.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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