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La Grange residents begin lengthy flood cleanup process

With rain in the forecast, there is concern whether or not the river will continue to go down.

The water has receded from Daniel Rhew’s home along the Mississippi in LaGrange, Missouri but it has left behind inches of mud and debris.

“I was nine inches away from having it in my main floor and I was very grateful that that didn’t happen and I didn’t have to evacuate,” said Rhew.

But the water did get into his basement and his garage causing significant damage. He said the water ruined insulation and possibly more.

“I’ll just have to see how the outlets and light switches are if I have to change them or any of the light fixtures because the water did get that high,” said Rhew.

Rhew is not the only one dealing with the aftermath from the flood. His neighbor has mud throughout his yard.

LaGrange’s main road is drive-able but residue from the river water remains.

Down that road, although it’s main entrance is open, Mark Twain casino still has water covering a portion of its parking lot as mud dries out where the water has gone down.

“I’m glad the water is receding but it’s still probably a couple of more months before returning to normalcy, knock on wood if there doesn’t come another crest,” said Rhew.

But much of the mud remains in and around Rhew’s home because he said he’s waiting for it to dry out so it’s easier to clean up.

“Most of the water is gone but this time there is inches of mud left so I don’t even want to think about getting on it yet, I want it to dry out,” said Rhew.

Rhew said if he were to hire someone to fix the damage in his home, he expects it to be a few thousand dollars.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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