Bridge the Gap to Health run aims to help people in need

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Imagine having to decide between food or your medication. For many people in the Tri-States, that’s a reality.

On Saturday, more than 1,500 people ran the Bridge the Gap to Health to raise money to help those people.

Hundreds of runners passed over both the Bayview and Memorial bridges in order to bridge the gap to health.
The 5k, 10k and half marathon all raise money for the Quincy Catholic Charities medassist program.

“It’s life changing for these folks,” Quincy Catholic Charities Area Director Jackie Bruns said. “A lot of people are choosing between medication and food, so it’s really important that they receive these chronic medications.”

Bruns said the race is so important because she has clients who struggle every day, when they can’t take their medication as prescribed, which is where the medassist program steps in.

“We’re hearing from our families that they can’t hold a full time job, their quality of life is impacted drastically, they have asthma or heart disease, they can’t even get to the mailbox without their routine medication,” Bruns said.

This event is about more than the medal, as organizers said it’s about making sure people get the proper health care that they need.

“I think unless you’re in that situation, you don’t necessarily think about it, so events like this are helpful in bringing in awareness to the need in our community,” Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation Director Sara Reuschel said.

It’s a need Bruns said events like this help fix.

“We’re securing about three thousand medications a year just for the Quincy area and that’s about 18 million dollars in the 19 years that the program has been in the area,” Bruns said.

While a day of fun for most, runners and organizers said it’s important to remember the purpose– to bridge that gap.

“I just know that we should all come next year because it’s really fun,” participant Colleen Liesen said.

Bruns said if you are in need of help, they take walk in’s at their clinic. Click here for more information on Quincy Catholic Charities.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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