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Quincy alderman rescinds resignation

1st Ward Alderman Virgil Goehl says things are going to get pretty nasty between he and Mayor Kyle Moore.

This comes after Goehl says Moore refused to accept his Democratic appointee when Goehl announced his resignation last week.

Goehl says the Democratic committee presented the mayor with a candidate to step in for Goehl, who is resigning in the middle of his term.

“He has all the paperwork and everything,” explained Goehl. “All he has to do and come up here and tell me he’s going to appoint this guy. That’s all he has to do and it’ll be all over with.”

Goehl says he will not resign until another Democrat takes over his seat.

It’s important to note, by city statute, the mayor has the right to appoint whomever he sees fit to fill a seat — regardless of party affiliation.

Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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