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Denman Linen Services looks to fill open positions

A number of jobs are up for grabs in the Tri-States and some businesses are trying to make themselves as marketable as possible to help fill those openings.

Gregg Hamilton is the vice president of operations at Denman Linen Services. Denman Linen is responsible for laundering for the healthcare and hospitality industry.

On Thursday, Denman Linen held a job fair in an effort to fill about 15 open positions.

“For the drivers, of course you have to have a CDL,” said Hamilton. “The maintenance, we need some skilled positions there; electronics and trouble shooting. Pretty much anybody with some skills can fit one of the levels. The other positions don’t really have any requirements.”

Much like other places in town, Hamilton says they’ve been finding it harder to fill open positions.

“People have a lot of opportunity now and they move around quite a bit and they don’t stay in one place as long as they used to,” said Hamilton.

If you missed Thursday’s job fair, click here for more information.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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