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Birthdays & Anniversaries: June 2, 2019

Send your birthday and anniversary wishes, along with how to pronounce names, to

Note: Please have all birthday and anniversary announcements submitted to WGEM no later than two business days prior to the date you wish your announcement to be read on air.

WGEM does not guarantee that birthday and anniversary announcements submitted less than two days beforehand will be read on air.

Kara Biernat

Kelan Vogel

Madelyn Smith

Megan Smith

Rhett Cluever

Ava Hilgenbrinck

Larren Frese

Jack Carson

Jim Silman

Joanie Silman

Phoebe Adams

Adelynn Daniels

Todd Collins

Todd Frieden

Imogene Barry

Haily Blackorby

Claire Mitchell

Todd Lough

Wendy Swank

Jim Raithel

Breonna Haynes

Dennis Dempsey

Kelsie Ashcraft

Teena Cravens

Ali Arnold

Diane Tague

Kristen Wickle

Nathan Parker

Larrie Gronewold

Kelly Kaufmen

Sophie Tenhouse

Renee Phillips Evans

Natalie Campbell

Carly Murphy

Kim Predmore

Mike Harper

Caleb Markey

Jason Oenning

Mark Wallingford

Joel Hill


Jerry & Charlene Grawe

Dave Corrigan & Sara Platt

Rick & Janet Bybee

Chuck & Sally Simmons

Harold & Lois Kessler

Lance & Jaci Ferguson

Dale & Connie Dixon

Ronnie & Sharon Parn

Nathan & Christa Hollensteiner

Tony & Donna Newton

Aaron & Shelia Drebes

Logan & Andrea Schwada

Richard Denson

Richard Denson is the Morning Content Producer for WGEM News.

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