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Hannibal BPW says no quick fix to storm water pipe

Hannibal crews are working on a solution after a storm water pipe burst a week ago.

Hannibal Board of Public Works is responsible for fixing the issue but officials there said the water is too high on the river and they are unable to pump water out of the sewer fast enough to even see what the issue is.

Officials said they need the water to go down several feet before they’ll be able to do that.

BPW leaders said this is an example of why the storm water system needs an overhaul.

“This is an ideal candidate of what could happen in other areas without long term storm water funding. We’re not maintaining the system like we should be due to lack of funding so this is an example of what could happen,” said general manager Heath Hall.

Officials said once the water goes down, work to fix the storm water pipe could take a few months.

They said with aging storm water infrastructure this could happen more if flooding and rain persists.

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