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Sandbagging causing more business at local chiropractors

After almost a week of sandbagging for some, it’s starting to be a pain for many, literally.

Several local chiropractors we spoke to say they’ve seen more people coming in with back issues related to sandbagging.

Chiropractor Dr. Chip Holtschlag with Natural Health in Quincy says the constant bending over at the waist and lifting a lot of weight can cause issues in the lower back and upper spine.

Here’s what he suggests you do:

“Making sure they squat down properly, use their legs,” Holtschlag said. “Even just a half squat will relieve that stress off the low back or even performing somewhat of a lunge, that can help.”

Holtschlag also suggests using your core muscles when lifting, which will reduce the tension on your lower back.

Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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