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‘Cautiously optimistic’ officials wait for river to recede

As the Mississippi River level drops, Adams County emergency officials warn flood recovery will take weeks.

Adams County is now scaling back their sandbagging efforts at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.

Wednesday, the Adams County Emergency Management Agency announced they were demobilizing local resources; meaning they no longer need community volunteers to help sandbag.

However, the National Guard, IDOT and other state resources will continue to work at the site.

“We really had an outpouring of support,” said Adams County EMA Director John Simon. “We know we can rely on people in and around the community of Quincy.”

Simon says they are continuing to monitor and coordinate response efforts.

“We’re at this point, I would say cautiously optimistic that we continue in this downward trend but we have a long way to go through this flood. It’s going to be several weeks that we’re in a comfortable stage that we can say we are beyond the sandbagging operation.,” Simon said.

In the last week, officials say 3,000 volunteers filled more than 250 truck loads of sandbags.


Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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