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Fun Times at the Track: Quincy’s Scott Family Prepares to all Compete at Quincy Grand Prix

The sounds inside Scottie’s Fun Spot are every kids dream but elsewhere on location you’ll hear sounds that will make any racer feel like a kid again.

Scottie’s is owned by none other than Jeff Scott and he runs it with the help of his children Avery and Riley and when they’re not lacing up roller skates, they’re working on their engines for this weekends Quincy Grand Prix.”

Jeff said, “It was something that I got to experience when I was about 18, 19, 20.

And so knowing that it was coming back that my kids would have the opportunity to do that. It’s probably one of the coolest venues in the country I would say.

So to have that opportunity to race that is pretty special.”

Racing has been in the Scott kids blood for a long time and as they’ve looked to create distance between themselves and the rest of the pack, they’ve become closer to each other.

Jeff’s daughter Avery said, “I think I’ve come a lot closer. Especially with my brother.

We used to not get along at all and then I think after the past few years we’ve like really bonded doing this and same with my Dad.”

Inside Scottie’s it’s all fun and games,but come this weekend in South Park, play time is over.

Riley said, “You want to help each other out and get up front.

I mean if we can finish one, two, three it’s a good day, but when it comes to the final lap and who gets the checkered first that’s when it’s on.”

Avery added, “It’s really competitive.

Like if one of us doesn’t win we’re like chewing somebody out for it or we’re arguing with each other like we should’ve done this, we should’ve done that.”

So whether it’s working on high scores or kicking it into high gear, with the Scott’s, it’s always a fun family affair.

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David Sugarman

David Sugarman is the Weekend Sports Anchor & Reporter at WGEM News.

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