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Sny Levee District keeping watch while waters fall

On the Mississippi in the Sny Levee district officials said they’re keeping a close eye on the levee while the water begins to fall.

They said as of today they’ve finished re-enforcing areas of the levee they were concerned about, filling in sink holes, re-enforcing the slope on sections of the levee, and monitoring boils to make sure they’re still running clean. Sny Levee Drainage District Superintendent Mike Reed said for the time being sandbagging will pause, but they’re keeping the materials on site to move quickly if things begin to get worse again.

“The sand is going to stay here for awhile, and the sandbags as you can see behind us here, we have a pretty good pile of sandbags, will stay here until we’re sure this thing is over with,” said Reed.

Reed said they’ll be waiting until the water levels fall below at least 20 feet before they start removing sandbags and material.

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