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Father Tolton closer to sainthood

A former Quincy priest is now two steps away from sainthood in the catholic church.

Today, Father Augustine Tolton, the country’s first African-American priest, was proclaimed venerable by Pope Francis.

It means he’s officially recognized as living a life of heroic virtue by the Catholic church.
He was a former slave who served in Quincy after the civil war who is buried in St. Peter Cemetery.

Pastor of the church of St. Peter, Leo Enlow, says it’s important to honor his legacy.

“It’s just another reason to be proud of Quincy and what Quincy means to all of us because to have a saint come from all of us is just remarkable.”

The Springfield Diocese is considering a shrine to honor Father Tolton, which could go in the former St. Boniface Church on Maine street, about a block away from the site of the old St. Joseph’s church, which is now city hall.

He now needs two miracles confirmed by the church to be declared a saint.


Photojournalist for WGEM

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