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Taylor Bridge replacement project to start next week

A closed bridge has caused problems for drivers in northeast Missouri. The Taylor Bridge is a step closer to being replaced.

The bridge is located just off Highway 61 and 24 in Taylor, Missouri.

Farmers who live near it say the bridge is crucial to safety. Right now, they have to go out on the main highway while the bridge is closed. They say they’ve had their fair share of close calls with other cars.

“There’s too many to mention but we’ve had several incidents where we were being as safe as possible and we had two or three vehicles in a row to make somewhat of a convoy to make sure we were noticeable but people were on their phones or not sure where to turn and just going too fast,” said farmer Tyler Hoerr.

The bridge has been closed for a year-and-a-half now but this week, the Marion County Commission accepted a bid from Bleigh Construction to replace it.

“We’re really glad to get this bridge going,” said Marion County Presiding Commissioner David Lomax. “It took quite awhile to get the permits from the corps of engineers to replace the bridge. We finally got all of those in order. We put it out for bid.”

Crews will begin work on the bridge as soon as next week and Commissioner Lomax said the project could go quickly.

“We’re looking at a 90 day construction period,” said Lomax. “It’s going to be precast beams so it should go up fairly quickly. All the brush clearing and everything was done earlier this year in advance of it.”

Meanwhile, farmers will continue to drive out on the main highway while this bridge is closed and they ask for you to be patient with them.

“There’s quite a few people that have been affected by having to drive around the long way and it just eats up a lot of time, money, and resources,” said Hoerr.

The bridge closed in November 2018. The project to replace it will cost around $880,000. Bleigh Construction was the low bidder on the project and was chosen to do the work.

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