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Illinois dispensaries prep for recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana use could be legal in Illinois come January 2020, all it needs is Governor J.B. Pritzker’s signature. It is something he said he would legalize during his campaign to help bring in tax revenue.

Herbal Remedies Dispensary managers in Quincy said they plan to sell recreational marijuana, if it becomes legal in Illinois. Currently, they only sell medical marijuana.

HR Manager Autumn Sangery said they would hire more employees to meet the demand and add space to accommodate both medical and recreational customers.

“We want to ensure that the medical patients, we have today and the medical patients we continue to serve have a place, that they feel is sorta safe and secure, separate from the adult use side,” Sangery added.

Some Illinois residents have mixed reaction about legal recreational marijuana use.

Gerald Shelby said he is unsure if some people can handle the effects of marijuana, but also understands how it can help others.

“I’m kinda for it but then again kinda against it because some people are still mind altered,” Shelby said. “It calms some people down, some people need it for pain or whatever their situation might me.”

“We can make so much money off of this, we could decriminalized it, get people off the streets, out of jails,” Illinois resident Katherine Mudd said.

Under the new law, adults could buy and possess up to one ounce (30 grams) of marijuana for personal use.

Herbal Remedies plans to offer workshops this fall for people interested in becoming dispensary technicians.


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