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DIGGING DEEPER: Joel Box basketball scam victims speak out

QUINCY (WGEM) — Victims are speaking out following a warning issued by the Better Business Bureau about Quincy-based youth basketball training program.

Wednesday the BBB issued a warning advising consumers to use caution when doing business with Joel Box Evolution Basketball, a youth basketball training and select traveling team program based in Quincy.

The BBB states that consumers allege the company failed to honor agreements to hold camps and coach select teams, failed to issue refunds, and provided overall poor customer service.

Kendall Owen said she signed her young son Keegan up for a Joel Box basketball camp in February but now months later, she said she has yet to meet him because he keeps canceling.

“Keegan was very excited to start,” said Owen. “He was telling his teacher at school about it, his friends, and we just got nothing out of it.”

Nicole Haynes has a similar story. She bought a camp on a Black Friday sale Box had but once it came time for one of those workouts, Box came up with another excuse week after week.

“Very frustrating. It was one of my son’s Christmas gifts,” said Haynes. “We spend so much on our kids for Christmas and that was one of his gifts and he was out.”

Box declined to go on camera but in a phone interview he said he still plans to hold those workouts.

“I have every intention to come back down there to run my six week, eight week academy whatever it is, several times a week for the parents who have signed up,” said Box.

Box said he has always had a no refund policy and that’s why Owen and Haynes haven’t gotten their money back.

“I have told people who have asked for refunds I do have a policy with my stuff that there is a no refund policy,” said Box.

Meanwhile, Haynes is out $350. Owen was taken for $585. They said they’re just two examples of this scam and they hope no one else falls victim.

“We actually knew some people that went to his camps and he was a great guy and all about kids and all this stuff and then this. It’s a bummer because a lot of kids looked up to him,” said Owen.

Meanwhile, Illinois Assistant State’s Attorney Josh Jones said there is currently no open investigation against Box.

BBB offers the following tips for dealing with youth sports programs:

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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