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Mud builds up in flooded riverfront homes

Cleanup along the Quincy riverfront continues.

Homeowner Randall McClelland says he was out all day on Wednesday trying to shovel mud out of his home. McClelland says that mud was several inches thick.

He wants to clean mud now before all the water goes down and the mud dries because when that happens it’s almost impossible to get the mud out.

“I’ve got some personal stuff that’s messed up but the garage door, my dad parks his hot rod in there, that’s done,” said McClelland. “That’s just part of the water you know.”

After shoveling out the mud, McClelland says he then has to scrub the siding to get the gunk off left over by the river.

Then he’ll start to bring all of his belonging back down.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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