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Commemorative Bicentennial wine at Hannibal winery

A new wine made to commemorate the Hannibal Bicentennial is at the Cave Hollow West Winery by the Mark Twain Cave, featuring a label made by a local artist.

The creator of the wine says it’s a semi-dry red made in Missouri called ‘Hometown’, and the label features a painting of a 4th of July parade painted by 102-year-old artist and Navy Veteran Len Moss.

Moss on the right

Moss said he thinks the scene is from the early 70’s, and while he sold the original painting, he’s happy to have his art featured on the bottle.

“I am flattered and they did a nice job of reproducing the label and it’s pretty, and it is one of my favorite paintings,” said Moss.

Winery officials said they made about forty cases of the wine, and if you would like a bottle yourself you can pick one up at the cave hollow west winery for $22.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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