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Sawyer’s Creek hopes to rebound after flooding

A popular business in Hannibal for you and your kids is back open and they’re banking on a big Fourth of July week.

Weather has affected business at Sawyer’s Creek in Hannibal a lot this year with flooding keeping doors closed the last three months. Friday proved to be a struggle too with storms chasing people away.

“It’s very frustrating but it’s obviously very uncontrollable. So, we’ve kind of learned you can get frustrated and upset about the whole thing but that doesn’t help you get through it,” said Sawyer’s Creek GM Jeanne Youngwirth.

Friday marked the first full week Sawyer’s Creek has been open this entire year.

“We’ve kind of utilized this time, this first week to get our staff trained and to get some of the kinks worked out because some people may know or may not know that every year when we open up there are little kinks that you’ve gotta work through,” said Youngwirth.

But Friday’s storms didn’t keep everyone away. A group up from Troy, Missouri near St. Louis stopped in on the first day the riverside cafe was open.

“It is a good time and I would suggest anybody to stop in here and definitely check out the food,” said tourist Sandy Holt.

Now Sawyer’s Creek workers have their eyes on the Fourth of July. They hope it can help make up for some of the losses after being closed the last three months.

“Unfortunately we haven’t had that ramp up time for people to know we’re open so we don’t really know what to expect this holiday season but it is super important that we try to get everything we can because we’ve already lost half of our summer season,” said Youngwirth.

They are running specials at Sawyer’s Creek trying to get as many families as possible to enjoy all they have to offer.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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