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Smokerz Outlet reopens after weeks of flood cleanup

Things are finally getting back to normal for one business in Alexandria, Missouri.

After being closed for more than a month due to flooding, employees said they’re ready to move on.

The shelves at the Smokerz Outlet are restocked with tobacco products and alcohol after the store had more than five feet of water in it.

Employees said although they are open, there’s still work and remodeling to do.

Store manager Tyler Sturm said they’re still working to replace the walls, counter tops and ceiling tiles.

Right now, they’re selling cigarettes, chew and alcohol. He said they’ve been open for a week now and are starting to see more business each day.

“Business has been extremely steady, we’re loving it right now,” Sturm said. “A lot of the other stations in the area are closed, so we’re picking up a lot of extra business. One of our main obstacles is trying to keep product in stock. We still have a lot of cleanup to do outside and inside, we’re finishing our remodel.”

Sturm said the vape room and glass room in the back are still under construction. He hopes to have the store completely finished and remodeled early next week.

Smokerz Outlet General Manager Sherry Ramirez said during this year’s flood season, the business lost more than one million dollars in revenue.



Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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