Great River Honor Flight Donations 2019

We’re proud of all of the people and businesses that have financially supported the Great River Honor Flight Network in 2019. We’d like to share the names of those people and businesses below!

Donor List
Memorial Donations in Loving Memory of:
Albert Hagerla
Terry Anglin
John Markey
Wayne Maggart – HF #5 – April 12, 2011
Jim Skirvin
Dick Stelbrink – HF #45 – October 14, 2017
Mark Collins
Russell Randolph – HF #4 – October 12, 2010
George Vinyard
James Miller
George Harrison
Dwayne Goodwin – HF #47 – May 12, 2018
Rebecca Shoengood
John Becks
Bob Liggett – HF #20 – August 29, 2013
Clarence Trammel
Al Ebbing – HF #2 – June 10, 2010
Carol Helkey
Joe Drott
Curtis Arntzen
DeWayne Yeater
Stanley Wilson – HF #26 – August 28, 2014
James Nekich
Mary Lou Breckenkamp
Patrick Walker – HF #25 – June 18, 2014
Hazel Tipton
Irving Osberg
Larry Post – Guardian/Veteran – HF #17 – April 11, 2013
John Hopping – HF #27 – September 25, 2014
James Paul Bozarth – HF #46 – April 14, 2018
Robert Lewis – World War II Veteran
Robert Voth – HF #4 – October 12, 2010
Richard Diseron
Charles Hall – HF #5 – April 12, 2011
Robert Garland – HF#46 – April 14, 2018
Terri Cary
Dane Rouse – HF #18 – May 9, 2013
Ken Goehl
Mark Collins
Leo Stegeman – HF #4 – October 12, 2010
Name  City, State 
$5,001 to $10,000
Mendon Lions Club – Hunter’s Classic Mendon, Illinois
Homebank Palmyra, Missouri
$1,001 to $5,000
Pike County 4-H Council Bowling Green, Missouri
Anthony Smith – Warsaw Music Show Warsaw, Illinois
St. Vincent’s Home, Inc. Quincy, Illinois
Pike County Quail and Upland Management Association Pittsfield, Illinois
Beverly Post West Point, Illinois
Neighborhood Guys and Gals 4-H Club Winchester, Illinois
James Paul Bozarth Estate Ft. Madison, Iowa
Kunes Country Honda of Quincy Quincy, Illinois
Mid-America Chuck Wagon Association Rutledge, Missouri
Neimann Foods Inc. Quincy, Illinois
$501 to $1,000
Luke Heinecke LaPrairie, Illinois
Robert R. Wagner, Jr. and Carol A. Wagner Dallas City, Illinois
$101 to $500
Deane and Rovene Meinhardt Kahoka, Missouri
Meinhardt Insurance Agency Kahoka, Missouri
Connie Kunz Hamilton, Illinois
Network for Good Washington, DC
VFW – Norfolk-Smith Memorial – Post 11041 Palmyra, Missouri
Quincy Farm and Home Distributing Quincy, Illinois
David Scott Shoengood Ewing, Missouri
Ellen Goodwin & Family Palmyra, Missouri
American Legion Otto Bruner Post 170 Canton, Missouri
Anonymous – Cash
Blessing Hospital School of Nursing – Class of 1992 Quincy, Illinois
American Legion – Phillip Hartzell Post Unit #74 Carthage, Illinois
Boy Scouts of America – Pack #101 Hannibal, Missouri
Quincy University – Music Department Quincy, Illinois
Anonymous – Cash
Michael Deobler East Peoria, Illinois
Alvin and Dorothy Obert Camp Point, Illinois
VFW Post 1921 Macomb, Illinois
Brenda and David Weinberg Gilson, Illinois
Michelle Wiemelt Quincy, Illinois
Mendon Lions Club – Farm Buckles Sales Mendon, Illinois
Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. Carthage, Illinois
Brent Wood Rushville, Illinois
Quincy Farm and Home Distributing Quincy, Illinois
Wendell and Ruth Hoehne Palmyra, Missouri
Macomb Hertiage Days Car Show Colchester, Illinois
Ayer-Boatman VFW Post 4342 Kahoka, Missouri
Timothy and Brenda Etter Nauvoo, Illinois
$1 to $100
Green Acres Farm – Barbara Hagerla Kahoka, Missouri
Albert and Deborah Haegerla Edina, Missouri
Dolores Markey and Michelle Butler Dallas City, Illinois
Albert and Deborah Haegerla Edina, Missouri
Elmer Ray Prebe Edina, Missouri
BRS Construction – Mike Schrage Edina, Missouri
Illini Community Hospital Pittsfield, Illinois
Randy and Jeanie James Knox City, Missouri
Eldon Klocke Rutledge, Missouri
David and Jacquelyn Stanmeyer Quincy, Iliinois
Grand Chapter of Missouri OES Columbia, Missouri
Madison Park Christian Church Quincy, Iliinois
Andy and Nikki Skirvin Liberty, Illinois
Steven and Jean Disseler Quincy, Illinois
Pamala Armbruster Quincy, Illinois
Eddie and Donetta Allen Quincy, Illinois
Hubert and Debbie Staff Quincy, Illinois
Mary Jo Moore Galesburg, Illinois
July Lubbert Quincy, Illinois
Ken and Doni Ellerbrock Ursa, Illinois
Nancy White Blue Springs, Missouri
Jacki Hankins Quincy, Illinois
Trudy and Mark Johnson Quincy, Illinois
William and Eric Finney Augusta, Illinois
Lonnie and Susan Nuttleman Quincy, Illinois
Carl and Evelyn Bartlett Ursa, Illinois
Julie Kindhart Quincy, Illinois
Brent and Margaret Roe Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Dawn Stupavsky and Family Quincy, Illinois
Delbert and Norma Flesner Golden, Illinois
Steve and Connie Bergman Quincy, Illinois
Cutter and Michelle Duncan Fowler, Illinois
Jim and Martha Rubottom Quincy, Illinois
Mark and Angelia Maxeiner Quincy, Illinois
Jeanette Shaffer Ursa, Illinois
Gerald and Loree Korb Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Deborah Mealiff Mendon, Illinois
John and Greta Read Quincy, Illinois
Russ and Bubba Benjamin Payson, Illinois
Robert and Nancy Zanger Quincy, Illinois
Harold Ellerbrock Quincy, Illinois
Scott and Robin Walden Quincy, Illinois
Jerry and Shirley Daggett Quincy, Illinois
Vern and Donna Riggs Quincy, Illinois
Amy Kientzle Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Elsie Neese Quincy, Illinois
Jo and John Cooley Coatsburg, Illlinois
Schuecking’s Menswear Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Gloria Jenkins Quincy, Illinois
Beth Lubbert Mendon, Illinois
Brian Schenk Quincy, Illinois
Gerlad Miller Ursa, Illinois
Larry and Reva Ehmen Quincy, Illinois
Charles and Connie Waters Quincy, Illinois
Al and Kay Dempsey Quincy, Illinois
Mark and Linda Newman Quincy, Illinois
Quentin and Jeanine Karlstrand Quincy, Illinois
Jule and Audrey Peck Quincy, Illinois
Sondra Snyder Quincy, Illinois
Paul Woodward Ursa, Illinois
Philip and Carol Hildebrand Mendon, Illinois
Mike Koetters Fowler, Illinois
M/M Richard Gengenbacher Quincy, Illinois
Jim and Julie Dehart Quincy, Illinois
Lowell and Vickie Glas Quincy, Illinois
Gerald Gengenbacher Quincy, Illinois
Dale and Constance Drummond Quincy, Illinois
Vivian and Jack Hogge Quincy, Illinois
Beatriuce and Arthur Hermsmeier Quincy, Illinois
Gerald and Marilyn Miller Mendon, Illinois
Cathy and Rod Becks Quincy, Illinois
Roger Prunty La Prairie, Illinois
Jim and Shari Freels Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Tauny Benz Quincy, Illinois
Leonard Morley Mendon, Illinois
Bill and Marge Dietrle Golden, Illinois
Janice Jackson Sutter, Illinois
Larry Skirvin Quincy, Illinois
Karen and Donald Campbell Quincy, Illinois
Jo Ann Wilmott Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Krista Rankin Quincy, Illinois
Judith Echternkamp Quincy, Illinois
Glen Hollyman and Lola Westenhaver Quincy, Illinois
Aaron and JoAnn Lubbert Quincy, Illinois
Thomas and Judith Tribbett Quincy, Illinois
Jeanett Winn Fowler, Illinois
Richard and Patricia Hoosier Quincy, Illinois
David and Patsy Cooley Quincy, Illinois
Denver and Debbie Echternkamp Quincy, Illinois
Dean and Nila Hemming Ursa, Illinois
David Kleiboeker Quincy, Illinois
Frederick and Carolyn Martin Quincy, Illinois
Wayne and Jane Wittmer Quincy, Illinois
Robin and Donald Geschwandner Quincy, Illinois
Ken and Rose Ruzicka Jefferson City, Missouri
Jim and Janice Hiland Quincy, Illinois
Frank and Betty Crim Quincy, Illinois
Mt. Zion 4H Club Palmyra, Missouri
Rachel Smith Cincinnati, Ohio
Greg and Pam Knipping Godfrey, Illinois
Dennis and Brenda Wagenglast Jerseyville, Illinois
Ronald and Patricia Pavek Onalaska, Wisconsin
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Mildred Kadell Jerseyville, Illlinois
JoAn Benz Family Carrollton, Ilinois
William and Cherie Austin Charlotte, North Carolina
Larry and Bonnie Ballard Carrollton, Illinois
Otto and Linda Retzer Kampsville, Illinois
Nancy Moulton Jerseyville, Illinois
Michael, Shelly and Samantha Benge Quincy, Illinois
Western Community Unit School Barry, Illinois
Terry and Karla Martin Baylis, Illinois
Alfred and Ann Pogge Quincy, Illinois
Gary and Gina Dehaven Republic, Missouri
Kim and Marsha Genslinger Princeton, Illinois
Terry and Marilyn Walden Quincy, Illinois
Truist by Frontstream Reston, Virginia
Roger and Mary Voorhis Quincy, Illinois
Linda and Tracy Hageman Liberty, Illinois
Whitney Coburn Griggsville, Illinois
LaVon Norris La Prairie, Illlinois
Brainard and Bonnie Passley Quincy, Illinois
Ron and Peg Grimsley Payson, Illinois
Wayne and Jackie Drebes Fowler, Illinois
Ronald and Barbara Duesterhaus Mendon, Illinois
Carolyn and Jackie Sill Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Diane Harshman Ursa, Illinois
John and Jeanette Elliott Liberty, Illinois
Donald and Rosann Sprenger Coatsburg, Illlinois
Marcia Frericks Quincy, Illinois
Siharian Kivett and Janet Anderson Liberty, Illinois
Randy and Chris Miller Payson, Illinois
Travis Peters Payson, Illinois
Martha and Steve Barry Liberty, Illinois
Paul and Judy Durall Sevierville, Tennessee
Jerry and Janelle Frankel Ursa, Illinois
Juliann Orr Quincy, Illinois
Schecter Family Quincy, Illinois
William and Carrie Hanshaw Quincy, Illinois
Iris Rose Quincy, Illinois
Patrick and Mary Mahoney Quincy, Illinois
Donnie and Linda Bradshaw Ewing, Missouri
D.K. and Shirley Hetzler Lewistown, Missouri
Kendra Bartz Maywood, Missouri
Lacey Miller Palmyra, Missouri
Anonymous – Cash
Lisa Lake Palmyra, Missouri
Becky Tuley Palmyra, Missouri
Debra and Gary Baucom Quincy, Illinois
John Shumate Ewing, Missouri
Stacey Luker Quincy, Illinois
Dwayne and Jane Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Durham UMC Ewing, Missouri
Cindy Peters Quincy, Illinois
George and Joanne Cribb Kirksville, Missouri
Richard and Tamberly Tate Durham, Missouri
Deann and Ronald Younglove Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Virginia Householder Quincy, Illinois
Christopher and Darcy Buckert Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Marilyn Thomas Quincy, Illinois
Warren and Kara Hull Ursa, Illinois
Kent and Lisa Bunte Quincy, Illinois
Rob and Lindsey Frese Quincy, Illinois
Ursa Farmers Cooperative Ursa, Illinois
Jeff Balinger Quincy, Illinois
Nan Tharp Quincy, Illinois
Barb Pettit Quincy, Illinois
Gene and Peggy Kramer Fowler, Illinois
Anonymous – Cash
Anonymous – Cash
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Nadine Uppinghouse Quincy, Illinois
Korey and Lisa Wombles Pittsfield, Illinois
Daryl and Janet Marshall Olathe, Kansas
Blessing Education Department Quincy, Illinois
Vicki Wulfing and Sherry & Rick Copher Mendon, Illinois
Ray and Kay Peter Fowler, Illinois
Kevin and Patricia Steinkamp et al Quincy, Illinois
Robert Forde and Michele Forde Ware Quincy, Illinois
Donald and Donna Hedrick Quincy, Illinois
Bernie and Susan Woodworth Mendon, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. George Kimbrell Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. James Hogge Chatham, Illinois
Carl and Marcia Taylor Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Steven and Joy Schmitt and Amanda Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Susan Humphrey & family Quincy, Illinois
Ronald and Rita Genenbacher Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Glori Duesterhaus Quincy, Illinois
Gene and Pat Reagan Quincy, Illinois
W & M Griep Quincy, Illinois
Max and Rosemary Hardy Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn Van Blair Fowler, Illinois
Larry and Cheryl Burwinkel Fowler, Illinois
Leroy and Delores Obert Quincy, Illinois
Cathy Barlow Golden, Illinois
Sue Schreacke Quincy, Illinois
Beth Schreacke-Maple Payson, Illinois
Marvin and Emma Schreacke Quincy, Illinois
Becky Holman, Elmily and Luke Hamann Quincy, Illinois
Dave and Brenda Obert Palmyra, Missouri
Marcia Frericks Quincy, Illinois
Clifford and Cathy Cornett Quincy, Illinois
Jenny Hilgenbrinck Quincy, Illinois
Lola Easley Quincy, Illinois
Tom and Janel Shaffer Ursa, Illinois
Bruce and Shirley Hoelscher O’Fallon, Missouri
Barb Houghton / Gold Seybold Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Nancy Felde Quincy, Illinois
Carol Vogel Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Diana Arnsman Mendon, Illinois
Dan and Nancy Genenbacher Fowler, Illinois
Van and Mary Jane Davis Quincy, Illinois
Judy Fairchild Quincy, Illinois
Keith and Sharon Brinkman Quincy, Illinois
Joe and Ruth Thevil Quincy, Illinois
Gary and Kathy Wittler Quincy, Illinois
Angela Gutting Quincy, Illinois
Crystal Deters Hillside, Illinois
Mark and Carol Johnson Quincy, Illinois
Greg and Mary Young Quincy, Illinois
James and Linda Ingram Quincy, Illinois
Elizabeth and Chris Griggs Quincy, Illinois
John and Candi Freiburg Quincy, Illinois
Chris and Tammy Niemann Quincy, Illinois
Ted and Suzanne Niemann Quincy, Illinois
Deann and Ronald Younglove Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Cathy Cerutti Quincy, Illinois
Wayne and Pam Elston Quincy, Illinois
John and Gay Sullivan Quincy, Illinois
Glen and Becky Ebbing Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Lucinda McClain Quincy, Illinois
Ron and Karen Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Lynn and Stephen Ritter Burlington, Iowa
Kevin and Cindy Gardner Quincy, Illinois
Amy and Jerry Poore Quincy, Illinois
Ken and Jan Obert Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Judy Middendorf Quincy, Illinois
TJ and Sally Stadler Quincy, Illinois
Ted and Tammy Vahle Quincy, Illinois
Lee and Terry Girardin Quincy, Illinois
Glenda Cox Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Girardin & family Fowler, Illinois
and Mr & Mrs. Matt Cox & family Moweaqua, Illinois
Gerald Mast Quincy, Illinois
Jonna McLaughlin Quincy, Illinois
John and Linda Groves Quincy, Illinois
Dave Beenes Quincy, Illinois
Kent and Janet Durst Quincy, Illinois
Gail and Pat Henderson Quincy, Illinois
Joyce Hynek Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Nata Selves Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ratliff Quincy, Illinois
Jim & Lois Perry Quincy, Illinois
Kathy Willcox Loraine, Illinois
Robin and Roger Snider Quincy, Illinois
Mary Weisenborn Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Judy Middendorf Quincy, Illinois
Mike Reiter Quincy, Illinois
Patrick and Judith Goodwin Quincy, Illinois
Kenneth Schuster Quincy, Illinois
Ronald and Tammy Dunham Pittsfield, Illinois
William and Emma Parks Pittsfield, Illinois
Dennis and Pamela Wells Quincy, Illinois
Rebecca McLean Quincy, Illinois
Arthur and Rita Brown Quincy, Illinois
Butch and Diane Hageman Quincy, Illinois
James and Susan Cox Versailles, Illinois
Nancy Barry Quincy, Illinois
William and Shirley Fuqua Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Mary Pott Quincy, Illinois
Gary and Jill Moore Quincy, Illinois
Nancy Walker Quincy, Illinois
Jolene Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Wilma Finley Quincy, Illinois
Shirley Dedert Quincy, Illinois
Louis and Barbara Anderson Quincy, Illinois
Tim and Deana Oitker Quincy, Illinois
Dan Dulaney Quincy, Illinois
Mike and Carolyn Cassady Quincy, Illinois
Randy and Laura Peterson Quincy, Illinois
Peg Seeley Quincy, Illinois
Brent and Margaret Roe Quincy, Illinois
Kjersti Cory Quincy, Illinois
Carol Schaffer Quincy, Illinois
Marian and Michael Fretueg Rushville, Illinois
Lydia Tolle Rushville, Illinois
Larry and Linda Snyder Carlinville, Illinois
John and Roberta Boarman Pittsfield, Illinois
Lee and Tammy Ator Pittsfield, Illinois
Jim and Linda Carnes Pittsfield, Illinois
Donald and Marcia Gragg Rushville, Illinois
Tom and Margaret Leeper Ursa, Illinois
Mike Winkeljohn Payson, Illinois
James and Carol Trammel Clarkston, Michigan
Gary & Cheryl Arntzen, Alissa Hobart, & Ross Arntzen Hannibal, Missouri
J. and E. Olson San Antonio, Texas
Edward and Jo Gregg, Jr. Hannibal, Missouri
Mariann Adams Champaign, Illinois
Norman Adams Canton, Missouri
W.E. Dorris Canton, Missouri
Anita and Jack Taylor Canton, Missouri
Donna Westhoff LaGrange, Missouri
Jason and Linda Whiston Canton, Missouri
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC Hamilton, Illinois
Jerry and Meri Allen Hannibal, Missouri
Kent and Sheila Morgan Quincy, Illinois
Bernard & Mary Veile Hamilton, Illinois
Blessing Hospital Quincy, Illinois
Loafer’s Car Club New London, Missouri
Mary Ann Awerkamp Dickson Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Melody Beucke Hannibal, Missouri
Richard and Pauline Weir Pittsfield, Illinois
Shane and Lisha Fee Kinderhook, Illinois
Julie Wright Canton, Missouri
Denman Elementary Staff Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Luella Kramer Palmyra, Missouri
Greg Farr Canton, Missouri
Dean Meinhardt Kahoka, Missouri
Roland & Pam Farr LaGrange, Missouri
Sharon Zahn Keokuk, Iowa
Mike Bronestine Ewing, Missouri
Robert and Lera Mosley Hannibal, Missouri
Larry and Kay Mosley Hull, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
The Shepherd, Lansing and Hagenah Families Quincy, Illinois
Ed and Emily Robbearts Quincy, Illinois
Be Well at Work Clinic Quincy, Illinois
Lucas and Natalie Zimmerman Quincy, Illinois
Jodell and Mark Speckhart Taylor, Missouri
Larry and Jo Tallcott Loraine, Illinois
Jeffrey and Lisa Neisen Fowler, Illinois
Monte and Kelly Tallcott Loraine, Illinois
Bob and Eid Matie
Diana and Richard Keller Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Phyllis Godert Hannibal, Missouri
Marcia Johnson Quincy, Illinois
Town and Country Bank Midwest Quincy, Illinois
Monroe City Class of 1965 Monroe City, Missouri
Andrew and Tammy Edwards Palmyra, Missouri
Nancy Houska Quincy, Illinois
Bob Webb Hannibal, Missouri
Henrietta and Stephen Hughes Monroe City, Missouri
John and Paulette Bozarth Quincy, Illinois
Sam and Karen Miller Hannibal, Missouri
Dennis and Judith Milfs Quincy, Illinois
Jack and Missy Sharkey Quincy, Illinois
Sue and Gary Winking Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Holly Jones, Jr. Pleasant Hill, Illinois
Amy Webber
Anonymous – Cash
Cele and Dwight Shuck Hunnewell, Missouri
Steven & Jeanne Kendrich
Ed and Linda Wood
Frank and Melva Johnson Hartland, Wisconsin
Marilyn Smith Quincy, Illinois
Tru-Ha Anders Temecula, California
David and Elizabeth Bradley Palmyra, Missouri
Robert Fecht Carthage, Illinois
Tim and Susan Costigan Quincy, Illinois
Dan & Judy Gillogly, Rich& Connie Smith and  Ron Smith Family Carthage, Illinois
O’Brien Insurance Agency Camp Point, Illinois
Terry and Carol Mickle Quincy, Illinois
Mathias and Joyce Frank Gallatin, Tennessee
Suzanne Brockett Keller, Texas
Fierge Auto Parts Company Quincy, Illinois
Mary and James Benz Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Julia Klauser Quincy, Illinois
Sandra and Jason Bush Quincy, Illinois
Linda Cobb and Regina Murphy Quincy, Illinois
Mike Williams Donnellson, Iowa
Gary and Bernita Smith Springfield, Missouri
Tim and Stacey Reichert Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Wilma Fecht Carthage, Illinois
Connie and Lynn Jacobs Quincy, Illinois
Jack and Carolyn Sill Quincy, Illinois
George and Sandy Smith Barry, Illinois
Julie Kindhart Quincy, Illinois
Jason and Amber Venvertloh Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Kim Mabeus & Family Wever, Iowa
Lor-Ann Trucking, LLC West Point, Iowa
Terry and Mary Anne Sather Martinton, Illinois
Ryan and Carla Fierge Quincy, Illinois
Thomas and Deanna Kelty Quincy, Illinois
LeRoy Klauser Quincy, Illinois
Greg and Paula Goodwin Quincy, Illinois
Maxine Mabeus Winfield, Iowa
Steve and Valerie Peterson West Point, Illinois
Glenn and Tracy McGee Quincy, Illinois
Dan and LuAnn Goehl Quincy, Illinois
Tawnya and Doug Tenhouse Quincy, Illinois
Leroy and Kathy Mabeus Wever, Iowa
Don and Kathy Koetters Quincy, Illinois
Linda and Mike Butler Quincy, Illinois
Doris Garkie Quincy, Illinois
Bonita Ward Quincy, Illinois
Chuck and Darlene Mayes Quincy, Illinois
Joye Anderson Quincy, Illinois
Jennifer Mabeus Geers & Family Wever, Iowa
William and Connie Wells Quincy, Illinois
David and Jackie Stammeyer Quincy, Illinois
Tim and Jennifer Soucie Tennessee, Illinois
Mary Logsdon Quincy, Illinois
James Fecht Falcon Heights, Maryland
A. William and Melonie Fleer, Jr. Quincy, Illinois
Marine Bank and Trust Hamilton, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Just Give – Great NonProfits Westport, Connecticut
James Luckstead Anamosa, Iowa
Todd Nelson Colchester, Illinois
Lisa and Greg Higgins Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Doris Youell Bowen, Illinois
Abigail Klarner Greenville, Wisconsin
John and Christine O’Neal Plymouth, Illinois
Roy Schafer Quincy, Illinois
John and Cara Simon II Mendon, Illinois
Gene and Valerie Flesner West Point, Illinois
Rauna and Robert Brown Augusta, Illinois
Marcia Twaddle Macomb, Illinois
Panther Creek Ranch – Michael and Katrina McClelland Bowen, Illinois
Wayne, Dennis, Darrell, and Bonnie Speckhart Camp Point, Illinois
Richard and Ginger Denny Augusta, Illinois
Keith and Judy Klingler Carthage, Illinois
Valerie Wiewel Fowler, Illinois
John Ufkes Quincy, Illinois
Central Adams Sportsmen Association Golden, Illinois
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC Hamilton, Illinois
Gary Farha Quincy, Illinois
Gerhard Jung Bowen, Illinois
Shirley and Jeffrey Akers West Point, Illinois
Robert and Cathy White, Jr. Sarasota, Florida
Kenneth and Carla Crossland Bowen, Illinois
Roderick and Pamela Flesner Camp Point, Illinois
Truist by Frontstream Reston, VA
Bill and Linda Tobias Carthage, Illinois
Wyatt and Tecia Lantz Augusta, Illinois
Terri Whitaker Bowen, Illinois
Daryl and Susan Cheney Carthage, Illinois
Donald and Debra Limkemann II West Point, Illinois
Ronald and Jeanette Myers Augusta, Illinois
Kent and Connie Flesner West Point, Illinois
Brad and Lori Flesner Camp Point, Illinois
Regan Ramsey Bowen, Illinois
Tim and Karen Hiland Augusta, Illinois
Ted and Angela Knorr Bowen, Illinois
Terry and Mary Jane Knorr Bowen, Illinois
Karen Janssen Augusta, Illinois
Dawn Peters LaPrairie, Illinois
Bryan and Lisa Knorr West Point, Illinois
Robert and Edith Filz Bowen, Illinois
Kevin and Rita Winters Bowen, Illinois
David and Georgene Zimmerman Quincy, Illinois
Lisa Wittler West Point, Illinois
Marilyn Vest Bowen, Illinois
Mike and Pam Nichols Bowen, Illinois
Jeff Walker Quincy, Illinois
John and Beverly Ufkes Carthage, Illinois
Dennis and Tyrella Sherrick Bowen, Illinois
Richard and Shirley Limkemann Bowen, Illinois
Steve and Valerie Peterson West Point, Illinois
Mark and Celia Buss Bowen, Illinois
Robb Wood Bowen, Illinois
Justin Wood Bowen, Illinois
Junior and Kaye Bruns Basco, Illinois
Edward Newton Burnside, Illinois
Jerry and Karen Juilfs Golden, Illinois
Robert and Esther Carstens Clayton, Illinois
Bev Hellyer Carthage, Illinois
Gary and Mary Jane Buss Golden, Illinois
David and Darcie Buss Clayton, Illinois
Virginia Rexroat Colchester, Illinois
Dean and Dorcie Worrell Ocala, Florida
Roger Reuschel Bowen, Illinois
Jo Ann Webster West Point, Illinois
Carol DeMoss Bollin Bowen, Illinois
John and Janice Smith Bowen, Illinois
Thomas and Vicki Feldmann Bowen, Illinois
Brad and Julie Cassens Loraine, Illinois
Robert and Mernice Whitley Quincy, Illinois
Charmaine Starman Quincy, Illinois
Gene and Susan Thorman Macomb, Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Fink Macomb, Illinois
Kendell and Suzanne Litchfield Macomb, Illinois
Marc and Debra Lawver Macomb, Illinois
Jane Nissen Trust Macomb, Illinois
Daniel Voorhis Macomb, Illinois
Patrick Stout Macomb, Illinois
Robert and Maurine Moore Macomb, Illinois
Ronald and Naomi Rouse Good Hope, Illinois
Lonnie and Victoria Cavett Macomb, Illinois
Allen and Donna Barclay Bushnell, Illinois
Kermit and Beverly Short Sciota, Illinois
Peggy Eddington Vermont, Illinois
Richard and Beth Ferguson Bushnell, Illinois
Larry and Michelle Foulk Carthage, Illinois
Brenda Gossage Stafford, Texas
Martha Abernathy and Alice Thorman
N.G. Kelly Macomb, Illinois
Bill Trotter Macomb, Illinois
Gregory and Ronda McKee Macomb, Illinois
Scott and Angela Hance Industry, Illinois
R.L. Frowein Macomb, Illinois
Gene and Elaine Holbert Canton, Missouri
William and Connie Brookhiser Wever, Iowa
Kevin and Cindy Bates Ft. Madison, Iowa
Anita and Michael Gray Glendale, California
Phil and Tracy Voth Rochester, Illinois
T.S. and G.W. Vanhyning Ft. Madison, Iowa
William and Phyllis Boudreau Farmington, Iowa
Keith and Wanda Lay Knox City, Missouri
Gene and Betty Huebotter La Belle, Missouri
Sara and Raymond Bozarth St. Charles, Missouri
M. J. Bozarth Columbia, Missouri
Lee Ann Turnbaugh Columbia, Missouri
Bill and Rita Bozarth Knox City, Missouri
Jeff and Sallie Wilson Donnellson, Iowa
Stan and Kathy Schwartz Quincy, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Joyce Baxter Quincy, Illinois
Heather O’Tool Ft. Madison, Iowa
Mike and Lori Hasenclever Ft. Madison, Iowa
John and Beverly Landis Quincy, Illinois
Sandra Fessenden Palmyra, Missouri
Kathryn Ellison Wever, Iowa
Clay and Susan See La Belle, Missouri
Marcia Ryberg Galesburg, Illinois
Dennis Boudreau Quincy, Illinois
Robert Niebur Quincy, Illinois
Marshall Woodworth and Rebecca Smith Quincy, Illinois
Rebecca and Mark Smith Pittsfield, Illinois
Connie Kunz Hamilton, Illinois
Trenton and Jennifer Lepper Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Sharon McAllister Warsaw, Illinois
Marie and Nelson Smith Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Lisa Kerker and Family Augusta, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Mabeus Wever, Iowa
Roger and Sonya Sirois Ft. Madison, Iowa
Jack Bunte Quincy, Illinois
John and Rosalee Ross Rushville, Illinois
Chris and Jennifer Billingsley Rushville, Illinois
Dean Ross Rushville, Illinois
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC Hamilton, Illinois
Steven and Debra Clair Quincy, Illinois
Signe Oakley Quincy, Illinois
Gerry and Teresa Pickle Quincy, Illinois
Milton and Susan Hibbard Quincy, Illinois
Gary and JoAnn Kennedy Camden, Illinois
Myrel and Cheryl Allen Camden, Illinois
Darlene Trone Macomb, Illinois
Nancy Dean Rushville, Illinois
Ronald and Sylvia Herr Rushville, Illinois
Blain and Darlene Cornwell Quincy, Illinois
Mark and Susan Ackelson Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Brent and Margaret Roe Quincy, Illinois
Judy Decker Quincy, Illinois
Donald and Diana McCleary Liberty, Illinois
Doris Sweeting Clayton, Illinois
Timothy and Beverly Bell Quincy, Illinois
Virginia Bowles Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Jo Ann Billingsley Huntsville, Illinois
David and Rhonda Hester Huntsville, Illinois
Richard and Linda King Rushville, Illinois
Kendall and Kimmie Taylor Rushville, Illinois
Kevin and Cindy Shelts Camden, Illinois
Wes and Ruth DeMoss Camp Point, Illinois
David & JoAnn Hawkins and Jeffrey, Jane, Tannor, and Tucker Purdy Quincy, Illinois
Merle and Madeline Hall Macon, Missouri
Dale and Madeline Hendricks Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Sharon Frese Fowler, Illinois
Jack and Carol Gustison Quincy, Illinois
Stephen and Mary Spann Clayton, Illinois
Walter and Terry Meyer Camp Point, Illinois
Daron and Erin Ryan Quincy, Illinois
Randall and Darlene Prather La Prairie, Illinois
Victoria Ealy Bethel, Ohio
Jerry and Marilyn Prather Rushville, Illinois
Brandy Schlieper and Family Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Pam Buss Quincy, Illinois
Gerald and Sharon Logsdon Quincy, Illinois
Jeanne Thomas Quincy, Illinois
Jerry and Martha Mabeus Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Little Jess Motor Company Quincy, Illinois
Truist by Frontstream Reston, Virginia
Joyce Kuhlman Payson, Illinois
Todd Garland
Jon and Dawn McCoy Mendon, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
C. David Nuessen Quincy, Illinois
Gary and JoAnn Kirlin Quincy, Illinois
Darlene Stevenson Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Theresa Spear Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Krista Rankin Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Patricia Smith Quincy, Illinois
Jason and Kelly Klinner Quincy, Illinois
John and Alana Flynn Quincy, Illinois
Cynthia Murry Quincy, Illinois
Glen and Becky Ebbing Quincy, Illinois
Tom and Gail Vance Quincy, Illinois
Sharon and Conrad Geise Quincy, Illinois
Charlie and Becky Vogel Quincy, Illinois
Mary Twaddle Quincy, Illinois
Lowman Chapel, Sunday School and Church Fund Shelbina, Missouri
Donald and Patricia Dixon Quincy, Illinois
Anonymous – Cash
Gary and Theresa Shinn Pleasant Hill, Illinois
George and Linda Borrowman Rockport, Illinois
Kim and Kyle Donskey Verona, Wisconsin
American Legion Canton, Missouri
Larry and Kathy Wright Camp Point, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Bob and Karen Havermale Ewing, Missouri
Robert Orr Quincy, Illinois
Truist by Frontstream Reston, Virginia
Lon and Mary Moeller Quincy, Illinois
WGEM Staff

WGEM Staff

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