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New details on former chaplain accused of sex assault

A former Quincy chaplain now faces new charges of sexual abuse.

According to the Quincy Police Department James Riley, 58, of Quincy, allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with female victims under the age of 18 and under the age of 13.

Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha says Riley had no prior convictions. He was not known to law enforcement before these allegations surfaced. However, now that his face and name is out there, Farha says there could also be more victims out there.

“This individual has some troubling history to him and some deep seeded problems,” said Farha.

Officials describe Riley as a man about town. A lot of people knew him and he held numerous jobs within the community. One of the most recent as chaplain at Quincy’s Good Samaritan Home.

“He did have knowledge of people who had limited cognitive ability,” said Farha. “He had access to some of their files.”

In return, Farha says he abused that title and just last month was charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of a person over 60.

“In the case of a person in a certain profession, sometimes these allegations aren’t necessarily thought of as being trustworthy,” said Farha. “Then you realize when you have two, three or four allegations all from different people, there’s a pattern there. That’s troubling.”

Speaking of trustworthy, Megan Duesterhaus with Quanada says perpetrators gain their victim’s trust and prey upon those who they see as being an easy target.

“Perpetrators will look around and say ‘who may not be a very credible witness.'” said Duesterhaus. “‘Oh here’s a person who suffers from dementia, perfect. Who is going to believe them?’ It’s very targeted.”

In the most recent claims from two female victims saying Riley had inappropriate sexual contact with them when they were younger, Duesterhaus says it sometimes takes time for victims to feel comfortable enough to come forward,

“People who have survived sexual violence feel like maybe it would be best if I just keep this to myself and not tell anyone about it,” said Duesterhaus.

Riley’s bond is set at $500,000. He has another court hearing on Wednesday. Farha suspects this case will go before a grand jury.

If you or someone you know is a victim or has been a victim of sexual abuse, click here.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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