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Police increase patrols in work zones

Illinois State Police are stepping up patrols state-wide in construction work zones.

The goal is to keep drivers and workers safe on the roads.

District 20 Trooper Roy Atwater said patrols will happen along I-72 to make sure people are following all laws.

Atwater said drivers should obey speed signs, traffic cones, and cut out distractions.

The Exit 4 entrance ramp leading to Quincy on I-72 is closed for work and drivers have been detoured to Exit 10 to get off by Hull, Illinois.

IDOT said there are around 600 construction zones and thousands of workers out on the roads around Illinois.

Trooper Atwater said the ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ law also known as Scott’s Law is important for drivers to follow to avoid someone getting hurt or killed.

Driver Jordan Flynn agrees and said safety is a priority on the roads.

“Try to stay off my phone the best I can and with all the different cones it gets confusing and it get a little confusing,” Flynn said “So I try to pay attention to all the different signs too, you never know, there could be a worker that’s gonna step out.”

Trooper Atwater said most people around the I-72 area have been following the law, but they have issued warning and citations.



Drew Brown

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