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Residents react after mobile home lost to fire in Lewis County, Missouri

Investigators are working to figure out what started a fire that destroyed a mobile home in Lewis County, Missouri.

It started in Williamstown, Missouri around noon and by the time firefighters got to the scene, black smoke was billowing from the home.

Both the sheriff’s office and firefighters are looking into the blaze because crews found out that the home was not connected to gas and electric. Meaning something or someone else must have started the fire.

“Well I was mowing the ditch along the side of the house, and I saw all this black smoke coming my direction, and I was afraid it might be my sons house, so I got in the car, grabbed the kids, and came up here, and saw it wasn’t my son’s house,” said Williamstown Resident Maridith Welker.

Welker said it was a scary drive to the scene of the fire, but when she got there and realized it wasn’t her son’s home, she hurried back to make the call.

“So I told my grand kids we gotta go back home and call the fire department,” said Welker.

“By the time we made it out here, it was fully involved, we know that by things we’ve seen it started on the west end and moved it’s way to the east,” said Canton Fire Chief Joe LaCount.

LaCount sayid it was tense as they pulled away the collapsed roof of the structure to make sure no one was inside.

“We’re still investigating but at this time we feel assured there was no one inside,” said LaCount.

Residents said it seems like the building might’ve been abandoned for at least a few days.

“I did stop by the pit stop and told the people in there I had called 911, and [another resident] told me the door had been open for the past week,” said Welker.

With no utilities connected to the home, investigators are now looking for any other explanation as to what started the fire.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office said the person who was living there as well as the property owner have been contacted and they are okay.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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