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City planners look at improving Quincy’s South 48th Street

Traffic on South 48th Street in Quincy is once again the topic of discussion for city planners.

Officials are looking at improving the design of 48th and State, as well as improving 48th Street from Maine to Harrison.

“How do we address the traffic flow moving forward, in the future?” said Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer.

Bevelheimer says the intersection as well as 48th Street as a whole has continued to get busier as more development moves outward.

“You’ve got Blessing with their new 8,000 square foot orthopedic building,” said Bevelheimer. “You’ve got John Wood with their increasing enrollment. You’ve got the new elementary school going in at 48th and Harrison. ”

To help move traffic more quickly, the city is looking at different options for the intersection, including a roundabout.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said Quincy resident John Hart. “People will get used to it and adapt to things. It’s nice to change.”

The city is also looking at putting an off road bicycle and walking trail along the west side of 48th from State to Harrison.

“We’re going to look at whatever is cost effective to build, design and implement,” said Bevelheimer.

Some of those who live along the South 48th Street corridor are skeptical.

“This is a busy street,” said Quincy resident Sandy Hoots. “It’s 45 miles per hour and a lot of people are going more than 45 mph. If my girls were living here with me and they were little or even teenagers, I would probably tell them to go back in the subdivision and ride there, just because people speed on 48th Street.”

Bevelheimer says they need to conduct a study to figure out what is best for the city, which is what they’re currently working on.

“Unless you do the preliminary design and engineering work upfront, you don’t even have a chance to make applications for any type of federal or state funding so that’s what’s driving this decision,” said Bevelheimer.

State Representative Randy Frese secured a $170,000 to hire a design and engineering firm. The city is going to utilize that money. This is all in the preliminary stages and the central services committee will review plans at their meeting next week.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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