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Wednesday afternoon storm leaves behind extensive damage

Quincy residents are dealing with a lot of damage to clean up after a storm blew through Wednesday afternoon.

Some residents were without power, while others are dealing with damaged homes and garages.

Quincy residents are dealing with severe damage, following a storm with strong winds that blew through the Tri-States Wednesday afternoon.

“We were watching it come in and we went out on the porch and we could hear the wind blowing real hard,” Homeowner Sandy Polley said. “We went inside and he came out the back to look and when he came out to the back, he said you need to come see this.”

Polley said a tree fell through her garage and took down a power line, ripping the roof off and totaling her car.

“So when it came off, I’m going oh no,” Polley said. “It just tore everything apart. The garage, my car in the garage. It hit the house next door, back roof, knocked it down.”

Aside from falling on the garage and a vacant home in the middle, the tree also hit the house on the corner. The homeowner said there was no damage, but he is concerned to be without power.

“Now I’m worried about my food,” Homeowner John Archibald said. “I’m worried about no electricity in the house, I have to get candles and everything, I don’t know right now. I’m just stuck.”

Although they are left with a mess to cleanup, neighbors said it could have been worse.

“Nobody got hurt,” Archibald said. “That’s a good thing. This is my neighbor here, in their yard and I care a lot about them. I was worried about them if they were okay.”

For Polley, she also said she’s just glad everyone is safe.

“We’re left without power, my husbands on oxygen,” Polley said. “So that means we have a generator coming, so he can get his oxygen going and our poor birds up there, robins are looking for a place to stay!”

Ameren crews and tree removal crews helped to clean up the mess.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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