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Local A/C technicians busy during extreme heat

Imagine being with air during this extreme heat.

Local air condition technicians have been working around the clock, trying to get the air back on for homeowners.

Officials with Peters Heating and Air Conditioning in Quincy say the internal parts of an a/c unit are designed to handle extreme temperatures but capacitators may fail.

Capacitators can burn out in high temperatures and will then need to be replaced.

Experts say the moment you start hearing a clicking sound coming from your a/c, call for repairs.

However, there are things you can do now before there’s a problem.

“Change the filter once a month, maybe once every three months,” said Bill Boren with Peters Heating and Air Conditioning. “If possible, take a bath and wash the unit outside. Get all the cottonwood off of it and it will run better.”

Boren also says to keep your thermostat on the same temperature. If you’re constantly moving it from temperature to temperature, it over-works the system.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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