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ADM helps Living Lands and Water tackle Mississippi river cleanup in Quincy

Even with the flood waters gone, communities in the Tri-States are still picking up what it left behind. Part of that effort was on the riverfront in Quincy Friday morning.

Almost 70 volunteers from ADM boated out to the Quinsippi Island area this morning to team up with the crew from Living Lands and Waters to clear out a dumpster full of debris left behind by the flood.

“Well, we came here a couple weeks ago and got with the plant managers, asked if they wanted to do something, went out, found a lot of stuff after the flood went down, and they rallied about 60-80 people and we went out there,” said Founder and president of Living Lands and Waters Chad Pregracke.

He said ADM has been a valuable partner over the years in volunteering to help clean up rivers in the tri-states, and their help is especially important this year with the flooding being as bad as it was.

“You never know what the flood will bring, but yeah, the river is a little cleaner because of it,” said Pregecke talking about the work done.

Officials from ADM said their company also has an invested interest in keeping the Mississippi clean.

“I mean we live here, we love our community, ADM obviously as I said before operates a lot on the Mississippi river, sustainability is a big push for us,” said ADM Director of Operations Ryan Goldie.

Goldie said digging a big boat out, along with a refrigerator, several big bags full of trash, tires, and more was a great experience.

“For us as citizens of the area between Quincy and Hannibal and then ADM to be able to give back and clean up our river and contribute it’s only fair and it makes us all feel pretty good when you’re pulling a boatload of trash out of the Mississippi river,” said Goldie.

“Everybody in the world knows the Mississippi river, there’s no reason for it to be trashed, when floods happen we get together and go out there with a bunch of people and do something positive,” said Pregracke.

Officials from ADM said they’ve participated in similar projects with Living Lands and Waters in the past, and they plan to continue working with them in the future.

Living Lands and Waters officials said if you’re looking to take part in a clean up volunteering opportunity, you should go to their website here.

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