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Extreme heat taking a toll on vehicles

QUINCY – Whether you’re taking a summer vacation or staying close to home, local auto experts say it’s important to know what car problems can arise when the temperatures rise.

Store Manager Jake Leigh at Quincy’s Interstate All Battery Center says as soon as the temperatures start rising, they start to see more people coming in having issues with their vehicle’s battery.

“In the heat, it basically causes your battery to work harder so the weak batteries show up in the summer,” said Leigh.

Interstate All Battery Center has replaced several batteries just within the last couple days.

“Underneath your hood, temperatures can get up to 200 degrees so it causes corrosion internally with the battery,” said Leigh. “They’ll notice that it’s hard starting or it drags a little bit. Usually you get used to the way your car sounds or the truck sounds so as you notice a little bit different noise when it starts, that’s when you should probably have it checked.”

DJ Peters with Niehaus Auto Center says there are other things that tend to go wrong in the summer heat.

“A lot of cars get low on coolant; hoses breaking, belts breaking,” said Peters. “The other issue of course, is comfort; A/C being low and not being able to cool the cabin.”

Peters says there’s a couple of things you can do now to help the A/C inside the cabin.

“One is changing out the cabin air filter,” said Peters. “That’ll allow a lot more air flow inside the cabin. It will cool down your cabin a whole lot faster. The other would be to take a garden hose to the radiator condenser and washing out all the bugs and dirt that builds up there.”

If you don’t already have jumper cables in your car, auto experts advise you get some. You can also buy jumper packs. The battery inside the pack gives a boost to the dead battery.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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