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Missouri farmers meet with state agencies to discuss flood relief

Missouri farmers met with state officials Tuesday to discuss the impact flooding has had on agriculture. They also talked about how the state can help in the recovery process.

Some fields along the Mississippi River remain underwater. Farmer Steve Bross owns some of those fields. He said he lost half of them due to flooding.

“A lot of flooded fields. Delays getting in. Having to do things a couple of times and just basically at Mother Nature’s mercy,” said Bross.

Farmers across the state are dealing with similar issues which is why some of them packed the room at the Ursa Farmers Co-Op in Canton Tuesday.

That’s where state agencies laid out different programs that can assist these farmers

“It’s very important to understand the programs that are available and the sequence and events that need to happen to get you available,” said Brent Hampy with the USDA Farm Service Agency. “We want to make sure everyone that’s eligible gets signed up.”

Whether your fields still have water covering them or they’ve dried out, state agencies said it’s important farmers are proactive and sign up for their programs now.

“Regardless of if they know if they are going to need the program. If they sign up and become eligible, the water may still be covering part of their land so they may not know. So if they sign up and they don’t need it, no problem. If they do need it, they are ready to implement the program,” said Hampy.

But some of the help may not be enough. Bross said the levees that guard some of his property will need to be built back up to a certain standard to keep the cost of insurance lower. That’s something he doesn’t expect the state to be able to do by next year.

“Your crop insurance rates near the levees that are repaired up to Corps specs by next year, you’re going to be put into a higher insurance bracket and that will be quite challenging,” said Bross.

There will be a couple more meetings throughout the state:

  • Wednesday, July 24, in Ellsberry, Missouri
  • Thursday, July 25, in Boonville, Missouri
  • Tuesday, August 13, in Norborne, Missouri

If you want more information from the USDA Farm Service Agency, click here.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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