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Birthdays & Anniversaries: July 30, 2019

Send your birthday and anniversary wishes, along with how to pronounce names, to

Note: Please have all birthday and anniversary announcements submitted to WGEM no later than two business days prior to the date you wish your announcement to be read on air.

WGEM does not guarantee that birthday and anniversary announcements submitted less than two days beforehand will be read on air.

Noah Haden

Lonita Fox

Adam Cook

Bryce Carter

Paul Lentz

McKenzie Maestas

Clayton Frese

Larry Gronewold

Noel Gronewold

Terry King

Phyllis Strode

Carol Clow

Amber Whicker

Peggy Rowsey

Eula Raye Hoffman

Crystal VanNice

Candace McLaughlin

Pam Wright

Brandon Finch

Hadlee Schaefer

June Wood

Tyler Martin

Laura Leezer

Michelle Pleasant

Bessie Lewis

Alyssa Buckert

Taylor Grotz


David & Amy VaLeu

Alex & Kristy Frieden

Steve & Rhonda Hale

Randy & Roberta Jackson

Richard & Wilma Wilson

Tim & Tricia Burkholder

Richard Denson

Richard Denson is the Morning Content Producer for WGEM News.

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