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Aeronautics committee and Quincy mayor recommend Cape Air to take over contract

Another change could be on the horizon for air service in Quincy.

The aeronautics committee voted to recommend Cape Air to take over the essential air service contract in December.

Mayor Kyle Moore said Cape Air promised to address several of the issues that led to the city dropping Cape Air two years ago, including newer planes, two pilots and routes to both St. Louis and Chicago.

“Three flights a day to St. Louis, three flights a day to Chicago with the agreements of American and also United,” Moore said. “So if you fly United right now, you’re still going to be able to do that. If you miss that American connection, you’re going to be able to fly through American and have your bags checked all the way through.”

Moore said they plan to make sure Cape Air addresses certain issues.

“We’ve recommended a two-year contract, so we can see that Cape Air is keeping their promise up,” Moore said. “There’s going to be two pilots and we’re not going to have a shortage of pilots. We’re going to have a new aircraft, so we have the ability, if the passenger counts do not measure out in St. Louis, that we can switch our flights back to Chicago O’Hare.”

The Department of Transportation now has to approve the contract, but they are not bound to Thursday’s decision.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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