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Macomb Police identify person who damaged statue

MACOMB (WGEM) — Macomb Police have identified the individual responsible for damaging a  “Rocky” dog statue over the weekend.

Police say security camera footage helped them to identify Darwin Armentrout, 61, who was bicycling on the sidewalk and unintentionally ran into the Rocky statue in front of Nelson’s Clothing in Macomb.

Armentrout was charged with a city violation for Bicycling on Sidewalks. The Macomb Police Department was assisted by the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation.

The statue was in front of Nelson’s Clothing at 104 N Side Square. Store owner John Nelson said he was alerted to the broken statue on Sunday.

“We received a call Sunday afternoon from a customer saying that hey, your Rocky is broken up and part of it is laying on the sidewalk,” Nelson said.

Nelson’s Rocky statue has been there since 2003.

There are several other Rocky dog statues around Macomb. Started by the department of Art at Western Illinois University, the statues are there to symbolize the unity of the campus and community.

WIU is repairing the statue and will put it back in front of Nelson’s Clothing when it is complete.


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Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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