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Efforts continue to fill vacant buildings in downtown Quincy

Quincy officials are struggling to fill vacant buildings. One vacancy in downtown is where Kirlin’s used to be.

The building has sat empty for more than two years now, which is why downtown leaders are doing everything they can to move a new business into it.

“All of this that’s here and all of your office spaces, it’s unbelievable,” realtor Jeremy Farlow said.

As Farlow shows off the vacant Kirlin’s building on Maine Street, he said getting a new business in there has been a challenge.

“When you get into a building this size, it’s there’s just not a lot of people who can take a bite that big all at once,” Farlow said.

The 4,200 square foot building has been vacant for more than two years now. It’s something Farlow is working hard to change.

“There’s been talk of of highest and best use might be getting a couple businesses to go in together,” Farlow said. “One business would buy it and the other would kind of join in and rent out the space.”

It’s an idea that neighboring businesses, like Dame Hurdle and Company, are on board with.

“Any time you have that large of a building and bring something in, it’s going to bring a lot of extra foot traffic and that’s key when you’re in a downtown,” Dame Hurdle and Company president Vince Udry said.

The District Executive Director Bruce Guthrie said beyond the new developments happening right now, there’s always room for more.

“We do have some buildings that are available, some retailers available and we have to keep working hard to get those filled,” Guthrie said. “One of them, of course is the Kirlin’s building, which is a very good building. Great opportunity and I’m sure we’re going to get it filled.”

Until it’s bought, Farlow said they’re doing everything they can to spark more interest.

“There’s a great deal of interest for it,” Farlow said. “We just changed the price again. It’s amazingly low right now. Priced pretty comparatively to other buildings that have sold even that haven’t been as nice as this one.”

Right now, the asking price for this building is 599,000 dollars.

The seller said you’ll get many of the desks, chairs and dividers with it as well.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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